About Us

Founded in 2004 by Tanja Cebula, a cancer survivor, and Dr. John West, the Be Aware Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by educating and inspiring women to follow early detection guidelines for breast cancer. Our volunteer RN’s and breast cancer survivors deliver a compelling educational program in a “lunch and learn” format to companies, agencies and other groups of women in Orange County. Women who attend our program are encouraged to fill out a Personal Plan of Action whereby they commit to following the early detection guidelines.

We send email reminders to perform monthly breast self exams and annual clinical exams and mammograms. These email reminders also offer important information about new developments in breast cancer prevention and treatment, as well as general women’s health topics, and our Ask The Doctor topics.

Funding the Foundation

The Be Aware Foundation is funded through individual and corporate donations, grants and funds raised through our annual Stomp Out Breast Cancer fundraiser. A significant portion of our funding goes directly to support our Be Aware program. We are very proud that over 90% of our funds go directly to the service of our mission. If you would like to support Be Aware Foundation, visit our Donation page to learn more.