Common Breast Problems

There are two common problems that bring women to see their physician:
1. Breast Pain
2. Breast Lumps

Breast Pain

Breast pain is the most common symptom that brings women to their physician. In general, there are two common presentations of breast pain: cyclic and noncyclic. Breast pain is especially common in younger, pre-menopausal women. Approximately 10% of the women who see their health care provider for breast pain describe it as being severe. Fortunately, the vast majority of patients with breast pain do not have breast cancer. Read More…

Breast Lumps

Evaluation of a new breast lumps is one greatest challenges physicians face in caring for women with breast concerns. Breasts are by nature lumpy, and this lumpiness is accentuated with hormonal stimulation, as occurs with the menstrual cycle and with hormone replacement therapy. Most lumps are not cancer, but if a lump is a cancer, it is imperative to make the diagnosis as soon as possible. Read More…

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Clinical Conditions

Find out about more about Clinical Conditions such as; Nipple Discharge, Paget’s Disease, Inflammatory Conditions of The Breast, Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, Male breast Cancer and Gynecomastia, Lymphedema, and Angiosarcomas.